Yes, now I remember how exciting it is.

Last Sunday, I run at the 20km relay marathon with my colleagues, which is my first participation in any public sports event since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak.I didn’t practice for a couple months, then started it again three weeks ago. …

Now we have moved into September but COVID-19 is still there. Looks like it has become normal, I wearing a mask whenever I go out without even thinking of wearing it.

No matter how it looks normal and we forget the seriousness of the current situation, stress are sneaking in. I’m sure about that.

So, I decided to eat something good.

Samgyeopsal, of course.

This is one of the typical Korean cuisine; slices of pork meat are grilled on a hot plate, and then cut into small blocks and wrapped with vegetable leaves, so that you can eat it in one bite.

Good meal always gives us a hope; our life is never filled with only fear and anxiety but also with an occasional pleasure.

H. Shima

From Japan

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